SundanceTVNetwork Rebrand

I worked with the inimitable Alicia Johnson of johnson + wolverton on brand language and digital strategy for the rebrand of Sundance Channel. Alicia had already taken the network through some incredible thinking and strategy on who they were and who they wanted to be when I came in to help shape it into language.

The new identity and the language behind it is about embracing Sundance’s role as a charismatic rule-bender, creating original series that get critics and viewers talking.

We worked on positioning statements, about statements, PR language, voice, tone, messaging principles and platforms and digital behavior. It was incredibly thorough and rigorous and exciting to apply across their properties and initiatives, starting with The 2014 Sundance Film Festival, the relaunch of their website and the marketing for the launch of their new original series The Red Road, which jw also provided packaging for.

Strategist, Copywriter

“It’s a little bit sexy, a little bit charismatic, and a little bit of an outlier.”