The CWThe Hero Within

I wrote the script for this thrilling spot, created by Troika, encouraging all of us, men, women, children, mutants, vampires, archers, goths, good looking men, good looking women, good looking archers—all of us—to find and celebrate the hero within.

The campaign got a mention in the New York Times, and a bit of my copy was called out—for dramatic effect, or, perhaps, because of journalistic standards. Either way, I was as thrilled as the viewers of this spot.


The 60-second commercial fleshes out the theme. Words on the screen, superimposed over scenes from CW shows, declare: “Within each of us is the power to be more than we are, to be strong, to be wise, to be passionate, to be brave, to become something legendary. This is your moment. Rise to the challenge. Heroes Within.